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Medium Duty Locker Specifications

Single door lockers; come with a fixed top shelf, garment hanging rail & 2 coat hooks.

Two door lockers; comprises of 1 intermediate fixed shelf, hanging rails (except 300mm deep) & each compartment has 2 coat hooks.

Three, four & six door lockers; have fixed shelves; and are fitted with a security shelf to prevent access to the compartment below.



Enhancing the already robust design of the Standard Duty steel locker, the uprated medium duty versions have an additional vertical reinforcement channel and a shielded front of doublegauge steel for triple thickness protection.

This toughened design provides additional defence against the twin problems of vandalism and theft. Second channel section welded to the inside of the door to provide triple thickness strength.

Second channel section welded to the inside of the door to provide triple thickness strength. This significantly increases the reinforced area of the door's width and height and makes the door extremely difficult to deform, providing additional protection against forced entry.


  • Locker doors; are flat mild steel that fits flush within the door frame (less than 2mm between the door & frame) which protects against leverage in attempted forced entry Door edges are channel folded and then welded at the corners. Security and strength are further enhanced by a steel channel reinforcer welded to the full height of the door and locating within the channel fold.
  • Ventilation; Vents in the front, top and bottom of the locker frame improve air circulation whilst retaining an unpierced door surface.
  • Locking systems; Doors are lockable with standard deadlocks (2000 differs), a simple, economical lock that provides use easy access with a small, easily replaced key (each lock is supplied with 2 keys). Padlock option also available. (Padlocks not supplied). The locking mechanism locates behind the welded metal frame for enhanced security.
  • Hasp & Staple Padlock Fitting. Transfers responsibilty for locking to the user. The user is required to secure the locker with a padlock (not supplied). This system provides flexibility at the loss of some control over allocation of lockers.
  • Standard Deadlock. This simple and economical cam lock provides user access with a small, easily replaced key. The lock is supplied with two keys and a master key is available.
  • Hinges; Strong semi concealed knuckle hinges are fitted to all our lockers. These are welded to the door for strength but rivetted to the door frame to allow replacement.
  • Door frame; Welded construction with folded edges for safety and strength. Door channels to both sides provide maximum security.
  • Paintwork. Epoxy-polyester powder coated.
  • BioCote®  Antimicrobial technology is incorporated into all Standard Lockers in production,  offering constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. Field tests prove that storage equipment treated with BioCote® powder coating benefits from a 94% reduction in bacteria on their surface, helping create a cleaner and more hygienic environment.
  • Warranty; 12 months.